The Bruery - Wee So Heavy 75cl

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Scotch-style wee heavy ale aged in brandy barrels

Wee So Heavy was brewed in collaboration with our good friends from Copper & Kings Distillery. You might remember them from previous projects like Apfelsap and American Copper. These guys know a thing or two about distilling fruit-based alcohols, and while we love their Apple Brandy barrels, this brew gave us a chance to play with their standard Brandy barrels. We loved the base of Wee Heavy Coconuts so much that we had to play with it again. Wee So Heavy pours a deep ruby brown with a viscous body, and the aroma leads with huge notes of caramel and brandy. The palate strikes you with a medley of rich caramel, toffee, and extensive brandy notes. The viscous and warming body provides a pleasing mouthfeel you're expecting straight out of the gates. 13% ABV.

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